5 Natural & Great Ideas to Adopt Beauty

1 - Try make-up "mineral"
Perfect coverage for powders, a natural result and a good performance, the mineral has definitely all well. It is perfect for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin because it is made from natural minerals and is preservative and fragrance. Non-comedogenic, it does not prevent the skin to breathe and does not move the pores of the skin. Available in powder, blush, and eye shadow ... You only have to choose from to find yours.

2 - Dope rinse your
This is the essential gesture for a hair dream, although brilliant and easy to comb. Once your done shampooing, do not hesitate to pass your hair long minutes in warm water by lifting the roots and lifting lengths to remove all traces of product. Result? Finished flat hair, dull and still a bit bold. To enhance your hair a little more, you can if you wish use a vinegar rinse at the end of this stage beauty.

3 - Brush your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth
It is much to overlook, however nickel and brushed well before leaving eyebrows, it is very important. Although plucked and perfectly set up, your eyes are better developed; all of your face will be more harmonious and perfect your makeup result. a gesture to every morning you're makeup ... or not!

4 - Heat your moisturizer
In the palm of your hand for a few seconds before applying to your face. And why? Just because this gesture facilitates the application and penetration of your product. In addition, it also frees the assets of your care that the blow will be even more efficient. Benefit all 'therefore.

5 - Let your cleansing act
This is silly, but it works great! You just simply apply it on your face and leave it on for a whole minute. Then rinse your face and body. Makeup and other impurities will be sprayed and your skin, much cleaner. And it applies to all cleansing whether in the form of milk foam or gel.
Hope you like this amazing beauty tips.

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