Formal Makeup Tutorial

Tonight, I propose a second article, this time - one, a tutorial to achieve this makeup - above. For this, you will need:

  • - A fine brush with round toe
  • - A brush with hard edge
  • - A black pencil, thick and fat
  • - From beige eye-shadow
  • - From eye-shadow gold / tan
  • - A black mascara (or brown)

 First, clean your skin, it must be completely cleansed without rest old makeup etc..

  • 1) Apply to all removable lid, eye shadow beige, with a round brush and pencil tip. inside and bottom of the eye.
  • 2) Blend with a brush with round toe, to the outer end of the eye.
  • 3) Apply eye-shadow gold / tan.
  • 4) Take a pencil, more or less in the middle and thick enough to the end of the eye.
  • 5) Blend with a brush round toe on every side of the eyelid.
  • 6) Finally, the inner end of the eye toward the nose, lightly apply the beige powder with a little. . . . hard edge brush.

I hope that you will would please and help. First tutorial, I also hope to have been clear enough.

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