Lime juice to remove stretch marks

Stretch marks are fine scars of colors ranging from purple to white and so Usually Appear During pregnancy, teenage growth spurts and sudden weight gain, although there is no scientific evidence to support the use of lime juice to remove stretch marks, This citrus juice is Considered one of the remedies to remove home.

Since lime juice has some bleaching properties, you can lighten the color of stretch marks. These so Generally Lose Their Color over time, but the lime juice can speed up the process.

Always Diluted lime juice with water When you use it for stretch marks. The remedies homemade for this problem with lime juice May Also Contain aloe vera, dandelion, hydrogen peroxide, oats or rosehip.

Apply a mixture of Diluted lime juice on the dark streaks for several weeks May help AMclarify quickly.

ACCORDING to the Texas Medical Center, apply lime juice on your skin can cause rashes and discoloration if the skin is in contact with the Sun.

There are other remedies for stretch marks home That May be Effective to use more lime juice. These remedies include exfoliating apricot oil with vitamin E and shea butter.

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