The Secret Trick to Nailing the Perfect Cat-Eye [Best Tips]

Step 1: The goal here is sleek and sultry—not I-just-watched-a-Nicholas-Sparks-movie-marathon sloppy. to it finish, get the proper canvas for your dramatic war paint with Benefit’s keep Don’t Stray primer. It adds a lightweight wash of nude pigment that conceals darkness and causes you to look instantly a lot of awake. better of all, the formula ensures that your liner can stick. dirt on a lightweight bright shadow to essentially create eyes pop.

Step 2: Holding the liner tip vertical to your lash line, trace a skinny line out from the outer corner of your eye. the road ought to purpose upward toward the tip of your brow and stop right beneath your crease. Tip: Follow your lower line to assist guide placement.

Step 3: Next, draw a line back toward the center of your lid. you must produce atiny low V-shape at the sting of your eye.

Step 4: Then, beginning close to your channel, draw a slim line higher than your higher lash line till it connects together with your V. currently pat yourself on the rear as a result of the difficult half is over.

Step 5: return and fill in your outlines with color.

Step 6: end with 2 coats of durable war paint. Play matchy-matchy by choosing Benefit’s original They’re Real! war paint. the sleek formula glides on simply, whereas the distinctive definition-enhancing brush lifts and separates every and each lash.

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