Meera’s Reaction on Her Leaked Sex Video [Current News]

A Pakistani court on Tues issued arrest warrants against film histrion Meera and her husband, and directed the police to supply them in court on April a pair of in reference to their alleged sex video, that has leaked on-line. Her sex video together with her husband has unfold heap of social obscenity within the society.
Such a infamous act crystal rectifier each of them to settle within the North American country when the sex video discharged on the web a handful of months past. it's been uploaded by unidentified persons to varied websites over the past few days. The Asian country Telecommunication Authority had interrupt access to the video following letter of invitation from Meera, World Health Organization has appeared in 2 movie industry films.
Upon this, Meera claimed that it absolutely was a counterfeit video, Shahzad has since insisted that since he and Meera square measure husband and adult female there's no purpose in creating the video polemical.
"Those creating hue and cry over (our sex) video ought to stop propagating against North American country," he said. "It could be a pretend video because the lady in it's placed on a 'Meera face mask'. The video ought to be sent to the North American country for rhetorical tests as Asian country has no such facility," Meera aforementioned.

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