Shraddha Kapoor Walks for Gaurav Gupta Show at India Couture Week 2014

When it comes to decadence on the Indian runway, Gaurav Gupta’s fearless style impression creates a mark with lavish and extravagant line ups. If his previous couture line is remembered for its way-to-bold revealing moments, this one can be commonly associated with the classics revisited. The architecturally inspired collection comprises of fairytale inducing gowns that appear elegant without being overdone. As a couturier, Gaurav finds the wow moment through exquisitely detailed silhouettes that characterise Nyx, the Goddess of the Night. He gives fantasy the glamour magnitude in the form of rich, royal colours and textures. Fabrics like lace, brocade and tulle have been used to create sari gowns, lehengas gowns, floor-lengths and jackets. “Nyx is the goddess of night in Greek mythology. My collection celebrates the power of womanhood through innovative embellishments. I see beauty in abstraction and abstraction in beauty everywhere around me,” explains Gaurav. Showstopper, Shraddha Kapoor’s decadently stunning mermaid gown with silver detailing and cape has the creamy elegance that’s hard to ignore. “I feel like I’m straight out of a fairy tale in this outfit. I always love Gaurav’s concepts, and his progressive take on designing. His clothes give out a sense of confidence and strength,” said Shraddha. Shraddha represents the modern woman who is Indian at heart, but has a global connect as well. She can effortlessly carry fantasy dresses, and that’s what my clothes are all about.  The collection was showcased at Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week 2014 organised by FDCI.

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