Actor Maqsood Hasan Died From Heart Attack

Radio, TV and Film Actor Maqsood Hassan died yesterday from heart failure. Those aged 67 years was the official and Origin in the field of senior 'rights to them was one, mini vegetables and Maqsood Hasan Radio Pakistan Karachi Kids program gained fame, he told Radio Pakistan's Studio No. 9 Origin of the plays, right to Mohammad Ali (late) Maqsood Hasan were longstanding friends, the renowned playwright Khwaja Moinuddin late most of the plays and trained by his organization. Maqsood Hassan Omar Sharif performed in several plays, the drama 'goat installments, renowned, his last drama Nazar Hussain on stage, we had the small stature of the artists was very popular with television dramh''qdusy's widow, even the very renowned, with the right to Akhtar, he acted in many plays, several films of Artistic 'woke up man 'right to Mohammad Ali, with his memorable film, the 50-year officer and remained attached to the Department of Origin, Destination Hassan traveled around the world for a long time lived in Beirut, where he was wounded and then returned to Pakistan. Was the most popular figure in the community, everyone loved him a lot, after the death of his sister Minnie sister lived a very sad, very much loved mini vegetables, small stature of the artist very few artists who gained fame they got married 6 years ago, and they had no children, Maqsood Hasan al-Ghazali's funeral prayer after the Civic will be offered at Hassan Square Wave.

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