Applying Eyeliner Properly [Tips and Tutorial]

Here square measure some basic tips to assist you apply your pencil war paint with precision! i tend to avoid pencil liners as i favor the preciseness that liquid liner offers you, but sometimes i step outside my usual routine and use some pencil action. the good issue concerning pencils is that you just have such a lot skillfulness with application. you'll be able to apply as thick or skinny as you wish – mix that with a trifle smudging and you'll be able to produce all forms of make-up shapes. liquid war paint isn’t as friendly with mistakes or mixing.

tip one:

hold up brow whereas applying. holding your brow makes your palpebra skin instructed, permitting pencil a drum sander canvas to draw on.

tip two:

i typically cringe once I look within the mirror and see i’ve skipped that strip of skin directly on top of my lash line. sometimes it’s huge however if you apply in a very hurry, that strip of skin seems like Moses compound the sea. take a fast second to draw downward to confirm that no skin peeks through.

tip three:

if you're going for drama then leave your pencil line as is, however a lot of usually than not a smeared pencil line appearance a lot of ingratiating. it blends the war paint into your shadow and appears sort of a a lot of savvy makeup application.

if you've got any further tips for pencil war paint application, i might like to hear.

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