Fight between Saba Qamar & Hamza Ali Abbasi [Know More]

Saba Qamar & Hamza Ali Abbasi's Relation is been utter the city for thus long their shut photos and their facebook standing and comments perpetually conflicts , few months back their wedding news buzzed the social media however Hamza announce standing on his official Facebook page and denies with news and aforesaid Saba is my smart friend, on the opposite hand Saba aforesaid in associate degree interview Hamza is like my bro and so rumors of their wedding fade out!

Now there's another buzz is that conflict happening between each the celebs and that they area unit raising fingers one another indirectly on their public profiles/pages by giving standing updates! first once saba's Item song's video came out, different day Hamza ali Abbasi announce a standing and condemned Item song culture in Pakistani movies and he aforesaid item songs area unit against of our values norms and additionally faith here is what precisely he aforesaid "

i'm completely and really frustrated at the growing trend of getting "ITEM NUMBERS" in Pakistani films. no matter one will in his personal life, i'm nobody to touch upon that...but once you area unit amusive individuals, that carries sure cultural and non secular responsibilities. we should always NOT try and follow Bollywood. Pakistani audience has well-tried that they are doing not appreciate Pakistani ladies doing item numbers. WAAR, the largest hit of Pakistan, didn't have associate degree item variety in it. I hope and pray that the New Cinema of Pakistan not solely evolves to be a supply of diversion...but a illustration of our cultural, ethical and non secular values.

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