Matthira Expecting an Illegitimate Child- Fathers name not disclosed

Its a confirmed news from title Khan Management that mathira is expecting a baby as she visited the hospital few weeks back for her check up. Renowned VJ / RJ / Celebrity Mathira got pregnant and is underneath treatment to stop a phoney birth of an adolescent. Upon asking of her husband name and identity she aforesaid that she is been married since a year however ne'er disclose that infront of Media. She more additional "her husband isn't a Pakistani nor a celebrity". The supply conjointly confirmed that she visited the hospital alone with not a soul besides her. it's conjointly confirmed from the medical center’s documents that Ms. Mathira was confessed within the medicine ward between sixth - seventh of October and she’s been managed by Dr. Uzma pacha for indefinable medical factors. Well GOD is aware of what is going to happen, however the woman sound contended with what she has.

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