Sonam Kapoor is not coming to Pakistan to promote her Film with Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor square measure on a world tour of late to push their 1st movie industry venture along “Khoobsurat”. in line with Times of Bharat, Sonam Kapoor won't be ready to promote her moving-picture show in Pakistan. as a result of previous work commitments Sonam won't be ready to return to Pakistan for the promotion of her film Khoobsurat. While lecture Times of Bharat Sonam Kapoor aforementioned that she's going to strive her best to try to to the promotion of her moving-picture show by recording video messages and giving most interviews to the Pakistani media. “I was about to Pakistan [earlier]. however [now] i'm recording a message and that i am doing the maximum amount [interviews with] Pakistani media as I will to push the film,” aforementioned Sonam Kapoor.

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