How Properly Apply Black Eyeshadow - Tips and Tutorial

Step 1

Prime your lids with a reliable eye shadow primer. I’m victimization elf eye lid primer. this is often to form positive the attention makeup lasts long while not creasing all day till you choose to get rid of it off.

Step 2

Use an absence make-up pencil everywhere the lid. I actually have used a non water proof gel liner as a base.

Step 3

Blend the cruel edges that the bottom has. I actually have used a crease brush for this purpose

Step 4

Apply a black eye shadow everywhere the bottom you’ve simply applied to accentuate the bottom. I actually have used a black shade with shimmer.

Step 5

Apply gel liner to the lower lash line and mix it with identical black shadow also to smoke it out however keep in mind take care to not bring the shadow way down.

Step 6

Pick up a chocolate brown shade and lend it within the crease to crease depth and additionally bring heat to the design.

Step 7 & 8

Highlight your brow bone and also the inner lachrymal duct to bring lightweight. I actually have used a matte nude shade for this.

Step 9

With a mixing brush, mix out the dearth shade outside your lid than you ordinarily would. per her look, it looks like it’s brought out way. pack up the design with make-up and that’s it. I wouldn’t choose falsies as they'd anyway stray within the lack however it’s your preference.

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