Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

Steps 7 Tips:

Contact Lenses: @angelcontacts “Nudy Blue” Lashes: Ardel Double-Up # 204 from @hbbeautybar Brushes: @hairandmakeupaddiction
1. Apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on the lid and clean “Red Brick” (Mac) on the line.
2. Apply “Atlantic Blue” (Mac) on the top above the NYX Pencil (you can apply as numerous layer as you want pending you get the right brilliance).
3. Apply “Carbon” (Mac) on the pleat also and combine out.
4. underline brow fillet with “Shroom” (Mac).
5. Apply “Half Baked” (Urban Decay nude Palette) on the worse lash line and slash duct.
6. Line your waterline with “Myst” Khol eyeliner (@motivescosmetics).
7. Line the top lash line with NYX group Noir Black Liner from @hbbeautybar.
8. Apply mascara, @motivescosmetics for @lala mascara in Black, and apply the Ardel Double-Up # 204 lashes.

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