Royal Pastels-Stacked Eyeliner And Pueple-Tone Lips Tutorial

Step 1: I initial packed the purple shade to the inner half the lids, going all the high to the inner corners of the brow. It’s aiming to look extremely weird right now, however simply bear it.
Step 2: using the orange, go from the middle of the lid outward and extend SLIGHTLY in an exceedingly wing-like form. the colour additionally goes up past the socket line, to simply under the brows.

Step 3: The trickier half is stacking the liner, then again it’s really not super laborious to do. you'll be able to skip this if you don’t have a purple liner since the result is incredibly refined.

Step 4: end with mascara to complete your eye makeup, and so simply apply a pink blush and slick on it fabulous purple lipstick.

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