Best Sehri Menu in Ramadan - Home Made Tips

The holy month of Ramadan brings plenty of enthusiasm, blessings, peace, harmony and food treats. this can be the time once the quick begins and you would like to eat food which may offer you energy which can last until the time of breaking your quick. In sehri consumption and drinking plenty isn't the correct thanks to begin your quick. you ought to opt for food that's digestible slow and provides energy for a extended amount.

Before Ramadan starts, individuals search completely different Ramadan menu concepts and food recipes through the tv cookery program, internet, books and magazines. Remember, for the healthy sehri menu, your food ought to be a mix of macromolecule and fiber. Here is my favorite otherwise you will say the most effective sehri menu for Ramadan. Hope you may conjointly am fond of it and add them into your sehri menu.

Stuffed Egg Paratha:

This instruction is ideal jazz band of fiber and macro molecule and can keep you energetic all day long.

Whole wheat one cup, water (according to the need to create a dough), 1 egg, one tbsp of oil, salt as per style, ½ tsp. black pepper,1 tsp. Red seasoning or as per style, onion and coriander cut.


Mix and kneed flour, salt and water well till it becomes sleek dough to create a paratha and keep it aside to line.

n a bowl place egg and adds salt, pepper, fine cut onion, coriander and seasoning. currently whisk the higher well and keep it aside to be used later.

Take the flour u kneaded and makes 2 balls out of it. currently create them flat sort of a roti. you have got currently 2 flat roti and a combination of egg.

Pre heats the pan, unfold 1tbsp of oil thereon and place one flat spherical roti on the pan. Let it cook somewhat from one aspect, then flip that roast aspect and pour the egg mixture within the middle of the roti because it can begin to unfold all around.

Now directly place the opposite roti on the highest and create it keep on with the egg mixture and therefore the already 0.5 roast roti within the pan.

Put the flame on low heat and switch the paratha the wrong way up whereas adding somewhat additional oil that the egg that is within, roast well. once the paratha is golden brown from each side it's able to serve.
Tip: you will conjointly replace egg with chicken and cheese to create “chicken cheese paratha” that is additionally a healthy sehri meal and can be a amendment for different sehri menu.

Fruity food Smoothie:

This is a fruity and contemporary drink that makes the proper on-the-go breakfast or snack. food and milk may be a nice supply of metal, strawberries and orange square measure an excellent supply of water-soluble vitamin.


Fat-free milk, vanilla low-fat food, pineapple or fruit crush, frozen or contemporary strawberries, banana, honey or low calorie sugar (if you would like to feature additional sweet flavor)


Put all the ingredients within the blender; add some ice cubes.

Blend it well and serve it directly to stay its style contemporary.

No Bake Cereal Bars: 

This instruction is basically healthy and ideal to keep up the sugar level.


1 bowl corn flakes, ½ cup white syrup, ½ cup powdered sugar, ¾ cup paste, 200gm dissolved chocolate (melt it on a double boiler).


Place a non stick pan on stove and place sugar, syrup and paste in it. Heat all the ingredients on low flame till sugar gets dissolve.

close up the stove, pour and blend the mixture well with corn flakes.

Take a flat receptacle, grease it with one tsp of oil and pour the entire mixture in receptacle. unfold it with a spatula and pour the dissolved chocolate over the mixture.

Set it in icebox for regarding associate degree hour. once it gets chill, remove bars and serve.

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