How To Remove Blackheads With Glue


Wash your face totally with soap and water to assist maximize the removal of blackheads. Dry. Apply an excellent layer of Elmer’s glue over your nose and take care to increase past the crease onto your cheek.

  1. Allow glue to dry completely; 15-20 minutes. Don't bite your nose or wiggle it throughout the drying method.
  2. Once dry, peel the glue from rock bottom close to the cheek and off from the face. Peel slowly to tug the whole layer of glue while not tearing. Take a glance at the layer of glue, once removed, and you'll see the dirt and blackheads that are far away from your skin.
  3. Wash your face totally to get rid of any remaining glue. Repeat if necessary. This method can take away blackheads and leave your skin feeling clean and swish.

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