Overnight Acne Treatment - Home Remedy [100% Working Remedy]

 Overnight Acne Treatment - Home Remedy
·         What you'll need:
·         Tea Tree Oil
·         Water
·         Calamine
·         Small Bowl
·         Small Bottle with Screw prime
(I used AN heavier-than-air craft travel-size bottle from the dollar store)

Dropper (optional)
Cotton Swab (For applying)

Pro Tip: in suit of tea tree oil, you'll use witch hazel that conjointly contains medicine properties, however isn't as powerful and you won’t have to be compelled to dilute it.

Step 1: Pour hemimorphite into bottle, concerning 1/3 of the means and leave to the facet to settle. I simply free poured however you'll conjointly use a pipette.

Step 2: A pair of + 3: within the tiny bowl, mix your tree tea oil and water (this makes certain the tea tree oil isn't too powerful). Your answer ought to be a pair of components tea tree oil, one half water. You’ll want enough to fill the remainder of the bottle.

Step 3: Once the hemimorphite has settled, pour or use a pipette to feature the oil-water answer to the hemimorphite. I force a second grade move and used a straw to try and do an equivalent job as a pipette. The liquids could combine, that is OK, let it accept many hours before mistreatment. It ought to separate in bottle.

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