Party Eye Makeup | Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

1. Apply concealer to hide imperfections. Next, apply foundation equally everywhere your face. Apply when foundation powder.

2. Correct and outline brows with a pencil or matte eye shadow within the shade as near the hair.

3. Apply white makeup pencil or the inner corner of the attention and below the brow. you may get a lightweight result and a high forehead.

4. Apply black or brown define of the higher and lower lashes. This pencil is outlined crease, then fade fine.

5. Apply makeup, mixing reminder makeup 2-3 are harmonized.You can apply below the brow makeup with sparkles gold or silver.

6. The lower lid with an equivalent reminder eye shadow. Pencil apply lash line or mucous membrane.

7. Apply black makeup to the bottom of the lashes, then war paint.

8. Clean rubble shadow on the face with a powder brush.

9. Apply lip liner with a pencil, set the dirt. Then apply lipstick or lip gloss within the same tone.

10. The last step is to use blush on the cheeks makeup.

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