Walking Barefoot On The Grass Very Effective For Women [Know More]

Everyone knows that the morning and evening walk barefoot on the grass for general health and particularly eye sight is very useful, but you try to find out why is that? So here's 5 reasons you're going to walk on the grass, which is great for your body and mind are profitable. Peace of mind: the morning fresh air, sunshine and calm environment helps you in different ways. Fresh oxygen to your body's performance improves, the sunshine is warm and strong bones Vitamin D from light and calm atmosphere makes all your body and gives peace of mind. Body Movement: feet are a store house of the eyes, ears, liver, nervous system, gastrointestinal, kidney and brain and body are all aazaءsy link. According to medical experts, foot stimulation has a positive effect on the whole body.

Electrical rays to neutralize India's leading consultant Dr. Sharma says 5 types of treatment are natural remedies and magnetic potential is an important element in the earth. And when we walk barefoot on the ground, we are fully connected to the Earth's magnetic system, and the inlay neutralize our body is electrical and magnetic radiation.

To absorb the sun: a morning walk on the grass, the greatest gift we can give your body the energy inherent in sunlight is. According to Dr. Sharma, an increase in physical energy of sunlight and very useful for restoration.

Eliminate vitamin D deficiency: Contemporary bone and joint infections caused by millions today are suffering from anxiety, and anxiety due to lack of vitamin D in the body is posed. Doctors say that if we walk in the early morning sunlight, vitamin D deficiency is met.

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