How To Stop Hair Loss [Home Remedy In Urdu & English]

 Baldness may be a common drawback in each next person that damages our overall look. usually it occupies the scalp with aging, however few individuals meet depilation at associate degree early age as a result of various factors. 1st we’ll undergo those reasons behind depilation / causes of depilation. thus here we tend to go;

Reasons behind Baldness:
Hereditary factors
Mental stress
Chronic cold
Hereditary factors
Lack of pyridoxamine and vitamin M
Magnesium deficiency
Hormonal disorder

Home remedies for Baldness:
Crush ten black pepper and seeds of eight lemons and create an honest paste of them. Apply this paste on bald space of your head doubly every day. this will cause cutaneous sensation on skin however is effective and can show results simply in few weeks.
Mix a pair of tsp of liquorice powder, a pinch of saffron in four tsp of recent milk and apply this paste on the realm wherever you've got lost hair. Leave this in hair long so it get absorbed within the scalp for best results.
Add one tsp of cinnamon powder, a pair of tsp of honey in three tsp of strictly extracted oil and apply on the scalp. Wash out totally once 0.5 associate degree hour.
Make juice of 2 medium sized onions and apply this juice over bald space of your head for twenty minutes so wash out. This home remedy for depilation results as if by magic yet as growing additional hair on the scalp.
Adding honey in your daily diet also can facilitate forestall depilation.
Wash your scalp with hydrogen carbonate along side Luke heat water rather than shampoo it splendidly works.
Boil few crushed cloves of garlic during a very little quantity of oil for concerning five minutes. Let it's quiet down then massage with it on bald patches of the scalp. This home remedy leads to simply 3 weeks.
Coconut milk is best supplement to use on the balded scalp to induce additional faster results.

Foods that forestall Baldness:
Below area unit listed some specific foods that forestall baldness:

Green peas
Magnesium enriched
Vitamin A&C enriched fruits
Bean sprouts
Red meat


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