Easy Beauty Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Step 1:
Always select a violet, pale keen, boring pink or pale blue pencil on the inner rim of the lower palpebra, attempt to avoid employing a White pencil to flee from the unnatural look.
Step 2:
To have additional open ending Apply a highlight cream to the inner corner. conjointly a number of it on the brow bone to own the illusion of a additional open eye.
Step 3:
To make your eye look deeper use darker tone shadow on the palpebra from the lash line to the crease and mix it in an exceedingly method that it fades away round the crease space.
Step 4:
If you have got a good complexion goes for the colourful shadows and blends it with firm brush. the most effective colours to use square measure black, dark grey, deep brown, or blue. Apply the shade with a skinny line at the bottom of the higher lashes, identical technique is apply to the lash line of the lower lashes.
Step 5:
Lastly, invariably conceal and brighten beneath the eye!

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