Best Golden Smokey Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

You’ve seen a Smokey eye before, however just about like this! We tend to selected a neutral brown palette with slightly of gold shimmer for else glam! From the workplace to a dinner date, we all know that as presently as you provide our Golden Smokey Eye Tutorial a whirl you’ll be rocking this sultry look all season long!

- Begin by applying chocolate brown pencil war paint to the higher lash line, and white pencil war paint to the lower water line.
- Sweep a matte, dark brown makeup gently across the lower third of the lid.
- Next, apply a matte medium brown makeup across the crease.
- select a tiny low ungulate brush and apply dark brown shadow to the lower lash line.
- Add a touch of champagne bright makeup to the inner corner of the attention to form a pop.
- Apply a golden shimmer shadow from the inner corner, and mix towards the center of the higher lid.
- Complete the planning by applying make-up and touching up the white pencil war paint if required.

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