How To Contour Your Face To Look Thinner By Sana Makeup Artist

Step 1: girls.. Just POUT, no I’m not clicking you however affirmative simply POUT and build that renowned questionable face. 

Step 2: currently you’ll be ready to notice that your check bones are raised associated a shadow is being castes by them therefore currently use an angular brush or simply a standard brush OR a downlike mixing brush if you want to be precise and apply the powder wherever ever the shadow is being castes. (You don’t have to be compelled to be therefore serious bimanual, I simply did it for the sake of the tutorial)

Step 3: currently here comes trifle mathematics! To contour your temples build a line PERPENDICULAR to the road underneath your cheek bones. Sort of a ninety degree angle wherever they meet. talk to the second icon of this post.

Step 4: currently to contour the jaw line build a line PARALLEL to the road underneath your cheek bones you created in Step two. Once more refer the second icon for the fundamental plan.

Step 5: currently grab a fluffy brush and mix it beat three approach motion, don’t apprehend what it's ? Primarily if you’ll be part of these lines created it'll kind a three therefore mix it therein motion while not adding from now on product. (Refer the three on my face)

Step 6: therefore if you wanna contour you nose then simply ignore that story of creating 2 lines on either facet of the nose. Trust American state that appears therefore ramleela types! therefore primarily you wanna place this powder on the components of your nose that you wish to keep at bay, if your nose is quite canted or potty apply it on the fact that looks to be potty and not on the opposite facet.

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