How to Do Your Makeup for a Formal Function

Have you ever required try and do your makeup for any formal event, like a marriage, party, elegant gathering, or the other fancy occasion? If thus, you will follow some classic tips to accomplish this.

Choose the correct colors. you may need need to consider your selection of colors. If you combine purple, blue or the other color along, it's going to appear overdone.

You are attending a proper event, thus consider selecting daring colors like white, grey, a light-weight black, or any color that's terribly light; reasonably sort of a beige. you wish the elegant look, not a sweet sixteen party. individuals at a sweet sixteen party tend to wear dark pinks, dark purples, or any best neon colors.

Apply softly. Use a sponge brush to use the attention shadow. Be so precise like following your eye line on the higher crease of your eye-lid.

Use one facet of your brush totally to fill your eye with makeup; this manner, it'll not look uneven. begin with the lightest color of your makeup panel, like cherry blossom pink or a floral color. Then, add to a small degree darker of a color, like brown, or a natural color like beige. With these colors, follow your higher eye line, such as you square measure applying war paint to your eye, however solely on the highest crease.

Add some war paint to end. Add a thick war paint with a fuller brush. Apply the war paint to the highest and also the bottom lashes (to create your eyes pop a bit more), for a final touch.

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