Innovative 3D Lip Makeup Tutorial - New Technique

Step 1
The first thing you would like to do is homework your lips by making a base. You’ll be able to try this by applying a foundation or a bb cream on your lips and dub it completely. You’ll be able to conjointly use a concealed or an oil-based primer for this step.
Step 2
Make sure that your base is even. You’ll be able to clean any flaws by using cotton balls with makeup remover.
Step 3
Contour your lips with a red lip liner by initial drawing corners, the Cupid’s bow at the highest and also the teardrop at rock bottom. Make sure that you just use a color that's near the color of the lipstick you may later use.
Step 4
After you have got the bottom, contour the entire lips.
Step 5
Using a tiny angular-shape brush, fill in your lips with a lipstick.
Step 6
Now here may be a very little trick. Placed on some ivory eye shadow on your teardrop and on the highest to form your lips luscious.
Step 7
Finish the lips by applying colorless lip gloss to form your lips shiny.

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