Besy DIY - The MOST Moisturizing Under Eye Concealer

Here we are going to share with you "The Most Moisturizing Under Eye Concealer". In just a number of simple steps, you'll “make” the foremost moisturizing below eye concealer ever!
Check out my three step tutorial and scroll down for a lot of details and tips.

Apply a bit of your favorite concealer to your finger.
1: I selected Urban Decay’s 24/7 Concealer Pencil (in Cia) as a result of it’s simple to use and fairly moisturizing alone.
Add a little dab of eye cream "nothing too oily".
2: I selected Youngblood’s Eye Impact eye cream for its nice grapefruit scent (yum!) and natural ingredients that facilitate eyes look bright and de-puffed!
Using your ring fingers, heat, mix, then pat the concealer plus eye cream gently below and around your eyes.

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