How To Get Rid Of Heartburn in 5 Minutes

New York (the remaining files) our eating and exercise routine because aside from heartburn, acidity and gastrointestinal diseases were common. Tell you about foods that are easier to use your chest can keep them from burning. 

Use the

1: Ginger
Ginger has been a force in nature that it does reduce stomach acid. This feature is present in the inflammatory substances that fights against the well and saves from acidity. Use it during cooking and serving the food by sprinkling it can be used.

2: Salads
If you use salad is a good thing but the onion, tomato and less of everything. Salads are very positive effect on the stomach, for the purpose of the use of radish, cucumber salads.

3: Eat bananas
Research has proved that the banana eating body pH levels is better, but some people eat banana after acidic complaint is the banana before eating it make sure that somewhere that you have: if the answer is no use huta.agr bananas.

4: Use water melons
Melon pH levels of 6.1 and acidity is very useful, but some people use acidic complaint is the food first makes sure that they also melons using acidic occurs.

5: Fennel
Fennel food unpleasant mouth odor is not only but also alleviates gastrointestinal diseases phrase while it is also very useful for acidity.

6: Use chicken and turkey
This feature is present in poultry meat to remove acidic, but it is important for them to boil or grill food and spices used in cooking to avoid.

7: Fish consumption
This feature is present in every kind of fish they reduce the acidity in your stomach. You'd like lobster, shrimp, shell Fashion acidity of Use and saved in a few days.

8: Green Roots
I use the green roots of indigenous vegetables reduces acidity. Cabbage, Barkla, peas etc. Very useful for stomach so it's ok to be eaten raw, they are helpful.

Celery is this trait that no amount of calories. This will rid you of stomach acid.

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