How to Heal and Prevent Chilblains - Home Remedies

Onion Remedies
A popular old remedy for chilblains is onions. Onions have anti-inflammatory drug, antiseptic and antibiotic properties that may help scale back itch, pain, swelling and inflammation, and scale back the chance of infection.

Cut an onion into thick slices. Gently rub a slice of onion over the affected space. Leave it on for quarter-hour, then wipe it off with a heat washcloth. try this 2 or three times every day for one to a pair of weeks.

Alternatively, grind one to 2 onions into a paste. Apply it everywhere the affected space and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse the paste off with cold water. try this many times daily for one or a pair of weeks.

Note: don't apply raw onion or onion juice on cracked skin.

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