Home Remedies To Whiten The Yellow Nails

Some small print are given below , Follow these concepts to induce white nail , There are several tips given so as to white the yellow nails , Finger and toe nails , Below home remedies to whiten them also are given.

Some helpful Home Remedies:
Scrub your nails by exploitation common toothpaste. That removes the stains and additionally brings a shine on the nails.
Lemon acts as a natural astringent and additionally helps within the removal of the stains. Soak your in water using lemon or even lemon slices.

With the assistance of a nail enamel remover, get obviate the recent polish completely so wash your hands with soap and water. Use a nail enamel brush to wash over and underneath the nails so pat the hands dry employing a soft towel.Take one tablespoon juice and conjointly one tablespoon leavening and mix them well forming a paste. At now apply little dot of this paste on the middle of each nail.With the help of a buffer, carefully buff them but don’t do.Right now wash your hands once more so pat them dry. afterward massage an expensive hand cream. whereas they're totally dry, apply 2 coats of nail polish on.

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